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Language courses to effortlessly level up listening and pronunciation skills.

Bite Size Languages for Beginners

6 Languages (and counting!)

So far we’ve produced Bite Size Language Courses for 6 different languages – but we’re just getting started.

From Spanish to Danish there’s a ton of variety to get stuck into. Plus you can request future languages too!


Unlock hundreds of millions of speakers with our dialect-free Spanish course. Useful for conversing with anyone. Features Mexican Spanish voice artists.


Our German course helps anyone master the tricky grammar so you can converse with effortlessly.


Often branded as one of the hardest languages to learn our Russian course aims to take the challenge out of the learning.


Improve your listening and pronunciation of the language of love with our French course and speak to people in France or Canda —- Oh-La-La!


For food and wine lovers, learning Italian with our Italian course is a complete no-brainer.


Get a handle on gutteral stops, vocal thrust, and general potato-in-mouth speaking with our new Danish course.

Easy, flexible listening courses for beginners

Our courses feature bite-sized dialogues by native speakers in common situations that you are likely to find yourself in. Engage with the materials in our online learning system, or download all audios to listen on the go and on any device. The choice is yours.


Here you’ll find a selection of the most commonly asked questions.

It is impossible for us to feature all the questions here, so please send us a message if your question is not listed.

What platforms do you use to host the courses?

The course is primarily hosted on Teachable, which offers the most in-depth study opportunity. We also use an app called Soundwise to deliver a hands-free, immersive experience with just the audios.

What if it doesn't work for me?

Bite Size Languages contain a variety of content formats that suit most learner personalities equally well. If you find that this is not the case, please contact me within 14 days of your purchase and I’ll give you a full refund, no questions asked.

Do I need to know the Russian Alphabet to use Bite Size Russian?

No. The core part of Bite Size Languages are the audio lessons, which require no knowledge of the alphabet. If you have knowledge of the alphabet you will also be able to use the transcripts and accompanying materials. The Russian alphabet is not tricky, so I’d highly encourage anyone to set aside and hour or two to learn it – it will come in handy sooner or later, not just with Bite Size Languages.

What kind of Spanish is taught in BSL Spanish?

The course features Mexican Spanish speakers, so that’s the pronunciation you’ll be hearing. The vocabulary and grammar is very universal and free from any local variations.

I'm at the intermediate level - will this still be useful?

The answer is: Probably not. While the benefits to your listening and pronunciation skills are always going to be valuable with Bite Size Languages, it will probably seem too easy for you.

How long does it take to see improvements in my target language?

Due to the variety and repetition built into the lessons your language skills will be improving from the very first listen you do. Repeat every lesson a few dozen times and your skills will skyrocket!

What if I don't have a ton of time right now?

Not a problem. Each of the 100 lessons of Bite Size Languages is short and to the point, so even the busiest of language learners can get at least one lesson in per day. You can also download the app and listen on the go when you are taking public transport, or going for a walk to learn without effort.

I'm a complete beginner, how far will I get with Bite Size Languages?

Bite Size Languages is a great method for complete beginners to increase listening comprehension, improve pronunciation, and for fine-tuning the ears to the language. You’ll also learn hundreds of words of useful vocabulary and phrases. I can’t PROMISE it will take you from nothing to something in terms of levels, but you’ll quickly benefit and learn a lot from using Bite Size Languages. 

What kind of French is taught in BSL French?

The BSL French course is based on France French. You will have no problem using this French in Quebec either, and you’d be able to understand 95%+ of what the locals say there.

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